I find myself not sad or usually even bothered by human death. Best I can do to mourn is take a shot in their honor. No more, no less. But when a baby pupper dies, it breaks my damned heart. I try to save animals, and almost always I do so when there is very little to no hope. They always die. I try to save humans too, but from their own actions which they will hate me for. I pity people really. It's like, your life was always controlled by those around you. But for babies, and in this case animal babies, they had a full life unfiltered to explore. I get that's equally as naive, but that's how i feel about it. 

What's sadder, is when you had to bury two puppers from the same litter, both dug until rock and then broken and placed under. This is not enough however, to keep momma doggo from digging up the carcass. Then, thinking it was a mouse, chewing it, dragging it around the yard, and playing catch with the carcass by herself. All while bugs had a field day cleaning the bones. 

I can watch a man be slaughtered before my eyes, but not a dead puppy eaten by his mom. 

Am I a monster? 

This is charlie. The pup who lived only long enough to struggle his whole life.

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