You say you want syndication kid? Well whoop-de-do

Okay, so I know I've discussed it before a few times, but it really annoys me when kids are all uppity about wanting to be gangsters, or their idea of gangsters rather. Yes, now days thugs come in dweebie little twitter thugs posting on zone-h thinkin' they're the hottest act around, all the way to hoodlums arrested 6 times for armed robbery of the exact same store. lol. If this is your idea of gangster life, you're in for a rude awakening. For that matter, if everyone over 30, including every other thug who's ever walked your neighborhood, avoids you and your friends like the plague, you're in for a rude awakening. So lets discuss syndication as it applies to criminal world, and compare those ideals to the "thug life" trivialities.

I would like to start with the obvious errors first, gangsters versus thugs. Gangsters are people who join together for an organized effort, a gang of people if you will, and focus their lives heavily on their group. A thug on the other hand, as history teaches us, refers to criminal actors who steal, harm, or otherwise violently enact their, or their group's will. Yes, thugs can be gangsters, and yes, gangsters are often thugs. But here's where we bring ourselves, at what point does syndication become relevant? What does that even mean to the common people?

I'll take a step back to explain. A carpenter, jack of all trades, etc... is hard on his luck, troubles keeping long term jobs, has a family to feed, whatever, and his friends who have recently been in similar situations, decide to help each other out by offering referrals when business is okay so they can pass off some assistance to each other. This wouldn't be fair unless of course they got some compensation still for referrals, so they do this at a 90% split with 10 going to the referring person. This is a few people helping eachother out, but it is also the essence of the criminal world you kids so admire. Its not about stealing, or cheating, or thugging. Your business is your business, you do what you need to, we do ours. We all just help each other out when we're down on our luck so we can all move forward together. Oh shit, your neighbor just lost his job, how're you going to help him? Well, lets turn this idea over a little, how can you help everyone who may need it, that's helpful to you? you do the same things, or other fully legal activities, that often involve hard work and not being lazy slobs, effectively you bust your ass to help everyone you can. You even make a collection pool when you're doing good enough financially so any funds go back into keeping this running. You even go so far as to build a model based on 80% loss for any agreement. If the expectation is repayment 100%, but you only get 20% cost back, it's okay, you planned for it, it won't hurt us any. But for those few people who don't even get the 20% back, man that's fucked up, why not? okay well this guy is cheating the company trying to use it for personal gain and making off with money any chance he can. Money that could go into little miss debbie down the way, who's only 4 and needs surgery. This person stood in the way of your own son or daughter getting food for a night because he decided he was more important by himself than everyone else put together. Would you go after him? Would you put an end to it? Most people would, and frankly that's the key point where syndicate groups get their violent notions from. They stop this shit from fucking it up for everyone.

So, if we called these people in syndicate groups mobsters, as is more common these days than to call then gangsters (rightfully so I guess with how petty the word gangster has become), it would be fairly accurate. Well but why do these mobsters always get represented as being some big badass with a kingpin status and blah blah blah right? Well, you can only assume to teach what you know, and you can only assume to learn what you're taught. If mobsters teach mobsters the wrong things, their placement, their goals, they begin to believe this is all that will ever be. In many cases, they don't even know why the organization was started to begin with. Oh look it, cops caught this big badass... 4th generation of the org. Oh look it, cops were able to catch this guy, 12th generation. Lets be real fellas, cops have found that the way to combat and issue like this isn't to combat it at all, but overload it. By asserting more people into groups, by keeping people in where they want to pick off the thugs and the real dangers to society, eventually when the cops feel they can control it themselves they overstep and shut down what could have continued helping for many more years. How does this work? Well lets take our scenario earlier. 3 guys, one helped the other, 6 months later resources from both of them were used to help the third person. Now each of these 3 people who've agreed to do this for eachother also have family. Up to 10 people each. You have 30 people to watch over and protect if needed. If they add more people, you'll eventually have 30 direct people, and 10 each, so 300 people. The associations to those 300 people, anyone who decides to get up and seek out this type of help gets help in the group, now you have 40 people and again assuming 10 each -1 right? well.... 10 each -cop. That is the part cops can fill. By overrunning the org with cops, tweekers, whatever, you become able to deconstruct large organizations with simple commands in a matter of only a few years. So, all they have to do is put more people in place, make them keep their traps shut, if things don't go their way, snap, it's done. You've strangled the beast.

Now days there is several skills and traits and monitors to aid in preventing this but discussing that isn't really the point. The goal in this rant is to discuss the fact that little thugs want to seem powerful and rich, but the mark of a gangster is someone who does the work to help others.

If you want to be a gangster, get off your ass, help your community, help your neighbors and help your friends. Doesn't seem so glamorous now does it? You kids play too much GTA. 

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