Fancy toys

Now that I finally got me some fancy toys and a fancy blog, I guess all that's left to do is brag about my fancy toys.

The wifi pinapple sucks.

There, I fucking said it.

But it's not like it's hardware sucks, it's just the people who put it together (hak5?) shouldn't do this anymore. Needs more space, needs better control, needs package management that works, needs to alert on conflicts instead of silently failing, don't need to log it as much as it needs any details of what happened, though logging would be nice too.

The modules and setup for web interface is almost not worth having, might as well skip that for just an interactive shell. Pineap? This is like if a pi had better wifi hardware and someone didn't know how to setup a malicious ap. "Push the configure button" "no wait, not that one, the other one hidden behind a drop down you can't see and don't really know what it's there anyway." If this is years of design please just stop guys. Make people use kali on a pi like everyone else.

on that note, I'm fairly upset that kali is still using outdated tools that don't actually worth with full up-to-date software in regard to functionality. Such as the wifi including some of it's standard wifi tools. Latest version -> 10+yr old software that had to be compiled then moved in place to even pretend to work and even then only partially. Kali, former backtrack, has become the bastard off spring of the infosec world and people don't go a day without relying heavily on it.

How does that reflect on the linux community?

Can we even still do cdma/gsm decryption with these outdated ass scripts that people have? Do we need to rebuild? Can we even?

Maybe someone else can answer these questions, I'm just here to start trouble.

- Ferasdour

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