to my dearest friend

My dearest friend is not soneone to be taken lightly. She treats animals above humans and she gives 10000% when only 5% is needed. She keeps her closest friends at a distance, cant let anyone in. Shes got many friends to accommodate the distance in her friendships, but her closest friends are kept around 20% of being in her life and her regular friends are kept around 2%. That level of distance is strangers to other people, but to her its life. She's a one women mafia, and if she wanted a task to be done there isnt a government or entitiy in the world that will stand in her way.

My dearest friend is someone i will never stop caring for, even when she's long past stopped caring for herself. She doesn't care about herself as much as those around her do, but she feels she only has herself. 

My dearest friend is someone who deserves a better life, but cant escape herself to find it. Without regret, without remorse, she doesnt want to escape. Which is the saddest part of all.

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