I remember one time when in english class in highschool, we were reading the hobbit where our teacher expressed how awesome he found the ability to make a new language all on his own, complementing the author for being capable of creating the elfish language. I told him i already did that too and mine was much more of a language than his limited code that elfish is.

I was scoffed at and the generally "popular" kids chimed in to giggle along with the teacher.

My language was built on the idea that a circle has a theoretically limitless amounts of ways to draw a line, period, or curve inside it according to placement. In order to bring sounds from other languages in you would take the sounds made and begging from the center, move outwards away from the center 3 period spaces away, turning clockwise begin the sound pattern moving according to in-place "lettering." in order to develop new sounds or words, alterations could be made from moving similarly without the initial spaces distance from the beginning. Rather, native words and sounds were implied as touchable to the center. This also allows word bonding so multiple words can be constructed in the exact same circle by offsetting placement counter clockwise one period's length from origin per phrase to keep ordering. This allows for codec of all native languages, and creation of new language.

I didn't learn that loglang was a thing until my mid 20s.

I also created a clock system based on intervals of 7. The intervals of 7 allow replacement of our clocks and calendars we typically use and is currently standard with a more accurate representation without the need for leap years. I explained to my ipc (integrated physics and chemistry) one time that our calendars and clock systems are known to be inaccurate, more accurate exists, and that the only reason we stand by the current standard today is because of habit and not scientific correctness. He said there is no other calendar systems, there's no alternative to a second, there's no alternative to an hour and that I shouldn't make up lies.

Now i'm 30 and looking back at all the times I was ridiculed for thinking above my schooling, by educators. It's no wonder I contribute no works to the world. 




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Nov 26 2019

Sickly today, slept too much lately, pretty sure i lack basic sleep control. No way to make it better. This is just how life goes.

Its all good though because i haz foodages.

Test of life

It occurs to me that the purpose behind hello world programs is basically a test of life for the functionality expected. Nothing more than an example to validate purpose.

On that note, i'm enjoying hydra a bit lately and docker is crazy good fun. using both together makes of a fun time. But while we wait on password lists and such novelties, I wanted to dick around with a 5am post I made to youtube. Got bored and was watching some of jeff holiday's videos showing how crazy people can come up with some crazy shit that's clearly dangerous but people often buy into it. Looking them on my own I found the PERFECT way to make $1m on youtube. hahah. check it out.

Goodbye, a manifesto

I am nothing but a monster.  My entire life I've felt treated like a monster. My brother used to mock me by calling me a faggot, further...