Autonomous stupidity

Autonomous, self governed, machines controlling the lives of millions of humans and machines. A drastic comparison to humans self governing each other through the establishment of one government or another for a period of time. If we want a stable world, we need machines to determine our moves. Since a stable world comes at a cost we must accept that at any point in time, the patriotic actions of one nation's past was always for the people not the structure of the government. It is with this, that war should be declared, to revoke the abilities of the major government structures when they become destructive of the ends to which they were established. It is in this way, that Russian and Chinese governments have a major advantage against the united states. They have gone through many cycles, and expect many more in the future. When your enemies you pick fights with have the advantage or tested and vetted skills and methodologies, you have already provided a weakening into the battle field.

Welcome, to the world at war for the third time.

We automate automating automation. Hell, we even post our twitter posts onto our blog pages, microblogging posts onto blogging pages.


I just find this amusing

my computer weighs 17.10 oz when at standard cpu load. It weighs 16.69 oz when powered off and left to drain for 1 hour. it then weighs 17.30 oz at peak power.

dead = 16.69oz = 473.15354g == 1.043124997892 lbs
standard load = 17.10oz = 484.7768 = 1.0687498998 lbs
high system load = 17.30oz = 490.4468g = 1.0812501101lbs

so basically, from powered off to high utilization, in theory, the power usage weighs 0.0381251122 lbs. To compare arbitrary number sequences that were cut off due to equipment faults: one penny = 0.006249994902 lbs (using the same scales and measurements). so the amount of change in weight (in theory current?) in my laptop weighs more than a penny.

lets compare this to what I've found online: https://www.howitworksdaily.com/does-electricity-ever-weigh-anything/ - basically says there is no weight fluctuation. https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/how-heavy-is-electricity/ - says there shouldn't be any change, unless electrons were added, but certainly not that relevant in size. https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/54ea9t/does_electricity_weigh_anything/ -  basically says that chemical changes in the battery may cause a change, but it should always weight more when charged and less when discharged, irrelevant to cpu usage, or powered on or off.

If anyone has any better reasoning for why this is the case, it would be nice to have linked. Thought about weighing capacitors when charged and not, but haven't gotten to that yet. I've also seen people say their phones weigh more when playing games or things that are high gpu usage.

Plz comment if can does the halping. K thnx. - Ferasdour

New wordpress site. yes, seriously

 So, I made myself a little wordpress site over (http://hello.0daz.io/see-also/). It's running on docker, with goreplay setup to propaga...