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How I see the world

April 9, 2019

I would like to express a few minor words in the only format I know how. Plain text. If you're here for infosec stuff, I'll get to that towards the bottom. Philosophy before technology.

When talking with people recently, a feat I rarely perform anymore, I found myself questioning why they would consider me smart. I have no college degree, I am not a master in some form or fashion. I'm just another kid who studied the world around him. In retrospect, when you know more than the people around you, one topic or many, you appear wiser than you are. As for me, I see that the only way to live life is without the mindset to mimic or clone. People say the smarter many can use less words and in this I am vastly closer towards idiotic. But I have a problem with leaving things unexplained. In one example, I was asked to explain an issue. To most this seems like no problem, they just explain what they know. For me, I explain what I know and how I know it, ways…