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Today I just want to rant about some lessons I've learned recently. For starters, on a philosophy level there will always be a sense of each student teaches the next generation. This has remained for a fair amount of time and today I see few people recognize this. Therefor I find it is my duty to inform anyone who bothers to listen. It's becoming more and more noticeable that people will get praised for doing truly minimal work, if they simply keep at it until they do it. While others get no praise trying to go and do more than whats needed. To me, hard work isn't busting your ass on a computer for 13 hours, it's redoing a metal root in the middle of summer for 13 hours. So I find that praise for minor accomplishments mean very very little to me, but apparently means something to others. I've witnessed other people with a real work ethic get into these situations too as of late. In the end, duty becomes more meaningful than work if work is just business. The lesson…