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You say you want syndication kid? Well whoop-de-do

Okay, so I know I've discussed it before a few times, but it really annoys me when kids are all uppity about wanting to be gangsters, or their idea of gangsters rather. Yes, now days thugs come in dweebie little twitter thugs posting on zone-h thinkin' they're the hottest act around, all the way to hoodlums arrested 6 times for armed robbery of the exact same store. lol. If this is your idea of gangster life, you're in for a rude awakening. For that matter, if everyone over 30, including every other thug who's ever walked your neighborhood, avoids you and your friends like the plague, you're in for a rude awakening. So lets discuss syndication as it applies to criminal world, and compare those ideals to the "thug life" trivialities.

I would like to start with the obvious errors first, gangsters versus thugs. Gangsters are people who join together for an organized effort, a gang of people if you will, and focus their lives heavily on their group. A thug…

More on domain tracking

I decided I'd spend some time today revisiting malicious domain tracking. Because why not right?  So lets start off with appending to what we have:

As you'll note, this pulls from If we look back on a few other posts about this ( || I have previously setup scripts to pull bits of information from various places on a frequent basis. Some relevant cron entries:

* */3      * * *   user    curl ""|grep -iv "##"|awk '{print $1}' > /var/www/html/ddns.txtBasically, taking the dynamic dns list and parsing into my own file. Simple, easy, moving on. I also have several other scripts to pull from other sources, however this will be the easiest way to express the idea. Don't use my scripts obviously, just there for concept art at…