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A study in neighbor stalking

Anyone ever notice that security blogs always have stuff you couldn't possibly do where you live? Rural area? Good luck being able to smash wep on all your two neighbors within range. Good luck trying to multiplex someone's cable connection when you have to run into their yard to do it. etc...

So, while I was quietly minding my own business with airodump running, I came across a name of a neighbor down the street from me. It seems they drove by just slowly enough to catch a single beacon from them and show me their name in the probes section. Now, realistically this could either be the phone name, or the name of the network it connects to, but either way someone who has some relation to this individual passed by where I could see this.

Bust out the stronger antenna? Maybe wifi pinapple? yardstick?  Nah, screw all that we still want to be able to study things cheap. So my little tplink usb I found in a discarded laptop should do nicely (re: check local laws before attempting t…