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"We need to have the power to involuntarily restrain until seen by mental illness professionals." What a world we live in. This is a phrase straight out of orwellian dystopia stories, justified by violent acts. I can't be the only one seeing this, but it seems this continues to happen. For anyone who hasnt been in a psychward against their will, please know:

- "you can leave any time"
-- you litterally cant. trying to demand the paperwork to leave, they do not under any means let you leave until they feel you've conformed to their desires. You dont suck his dick, you dont leave. Yes, it is that bad.
-- you are there until they say you are ready. There is no deviance.
- situational depression is considered uncurable by confinement -> they will keep you for 4 weeks because they believed you wanted to die at some point in your life.

Been there, done that, my life is a dystopian world, a way of life i wish on no one. Even my most hated enemies. Praise the …

Sec ptsd?

When i saw this say cyber security ptsd, i though: wow did someone just recognize that cyber security is wartime activity? or wow, did someone acknowledge that people are often damaged by previous battles so they find it hard to overcome new battles? nope. Instead this is a high level overview of how people become burnouts if over or under worked. Lets play a game here, lets pretend you and i are on a 6 man criminal hacking group together. Neither of us are the leader, but we are both considered appropriate for our ideas. My idea is to make conversation in reference sets only and pgp(rsa4096) encrypt files or data shared. To protect our operarions.Your ideas relate to targets, objectives, etc.. We find someone poking in one of our servers. Fuck, is there anything that can dox us? we dont want them knowing we're in and monitoring so lets step back and find a backdoor. Shit. we had to break in almost the same way as him and escalate up. He's probably setup everything he could by n…

Cryptomining with javascript: oh noes!

Most of anyone who may happen to find this page should know by now many antivirus companies, ad/script blocking companies, and blacklist companies have been blocking cryptomining tools like coinhive's javascript api tool. The reasons for doing this is basically despite it being obvious in the code that people /did/ want users of their site to help them mine while on the site, its also considered unknown to the user until their cpu usage goes waaay up. Like being on facebook, people are complaining more and more that their cpu usage is running crazy after visiting sites (maybe if they got off facebook they'd realize how much less of a waste it is than being on facebook, but who knows).

So lets play some games here:

Gonna generate a username for a gmail account, then use that gmail account for this experiment. This also lets me provide y'all with a gmail account because you lazy security people won't do it yourselves. For this, I'll hitup random…

hackers attack local restaurant, no wai!

Just wanted some satirical reference to people's surprise when hackers hit their services. Now, lets pretend you own a local, family owned burger stand. You pay for the internet like its your home network, you use square, or paypal business, or whatever to take credit cards. Lets even go ahead and say you've been around a while and bought an actual network connected, service driven, credit card machine. Lets say its even through the town's primary bank: because, small town, small business, no one would hack them. There is nothing in it for them right? Bam, it happens.
You thought hackers would target bigger and bigger companies because bigger payoffs. You were thinking this because people say hackers are mostly in it for the money, or revenge. So next you're thinking who hates us enough to have done this? Well, that one guy who was disappointed with our food last week? maybe? Lets tell the cops we know it was him because it's the only person it could have been. H…