Lets play a game.



  • I give you a private and public key pair when you access the page. It's up to you to understand how to use them. 
  • This is a programming game. 
  • You are given my public key (same one for keybase) for when you find answers. Send your answers on keybase (chat:answers are pgp encrypted or won't be accepted), or as a get request to the server(preferred). Answers should be in the notion of http://0daz.io/boogiepop.phantom?answer={username:code}. You will get a 404, and winners will be updated to the original page along with timestamps of when they sent winning data. (future updates, I intend to make it show date since you got your username used for the challenge calculable in milliseconds, as well as time since the challenge was posted. this is not yet a feature)
  • This is not a ctf, but if you hack my shit, the worse you can do is get it flagged or shutdown, best you can do is fix my code. I won't be hurt either way in these regards. PS: if someone does shut me down, sorry but lulzkillerbot ruined mah fun. 
  • Data used for making this game is taken from textual references and allusions made in public documents. Alternatively, it may be understanding based. The key point here is to challenge you to script against things you have no possible way of knowing where the source will be from. Good luck. 
  • No further hints will be given. I've give you too much as it is. (Eventually it's intended that every challenge will be generated. This too, is not yet functional.)

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