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So, I wrote this earlier elsewhere, but I feel I need to expand on it more so let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time people could say that things would never happen, it's all just some people's wild imagination. People thought things would never happen, are the same who built paths towards the rejection of belief in orwellian or similar dystopian existences. Can you believe it? A day existed where people could challenge this with arbitrary means and be considered right?

I guess some examples are in order. We would never burn books en masse, we would never absorb ourselves so much that we don't understand functional principles of life, we would never be stuck with governance over our minds and thoughts and it would never be illegal to think about things that don't fit in with the masses. Governments wouldn't poison their own people, that would make them look bad and hence they wouldn't do it. Governments wouldn't spy on their own people or fraudulently report data to cause panic, there's too much time and effort involved and governments wouldn't waste their time. Governments wouldn't add pathogens to a lake that uses it for water supply. Governments wouldn't bomb other nations under the guise of their mutual enemy. That's all beyond the capabilities of governments so therefor you would be insane to believe it. Our governments control the air itself blocking transmissions that they don't like and regulating who can decrypt what data.

Governments manipulating what information is taught to the children to gear the next generation of belief structures? That's crazy talk. Evil russians must be the only ones capable of that. Our government is pure and true, so clearly only russians do that. clearly. clearly. clearly.

"That would never happen," said those people who fell into the trap. The belief that governments that act out on people's whims are trustworthy with any of this is absolutely disgusting. What's worse, now that we know our government has done every bit of this, people sit back and trust them going into the future because a different figure head distracts them every couple years. A new stooge for a foolish system. Computers attacking computers to take down nuclear silos while people sit back and bitch about the latest tool in office. We are at war, iconic and ironic, a war of the worlds between those people who pay any attention at all, and everyone else. Those people who declare themselves woke because they read some philosophy once versus the people who collect bits to stay alive. I'm not talking about a futuristic dystopia any more guys, I'm talking about 10 years ago. We've passed it and we're letting this shit continue.

It's hard to imagine if 1920s or earlier writers knew it was happening then and therefor had to explain it so people now could try to stop it instead of explaining it to the masses who ignored it originally; or if they just wanted to make a work of art with vivid imagination. Its quite hard to tell. What's worse, trying to imagine knowing that information at the time and everyone thinking you're making things up all the while 50 years later the government releases documents saying it's true it's true. They wait so long to build trust by releasing it, but this is all just a test to see how complacent we are as a society. It's a test to see how long it takes before someone puts pen to paper and calls them out for it again. This test, would be conclusive only if people cared. We're going on 40+ years of no one caring that bad things happened to them or their families 50 years ago. Do you see the association here? Well you don't need to because associations aside, our government has blocked knowledge sharing, has attacked it's citizens and military, drugged citizens and military, coerced publishing companies to putting manipulated data into print for childrens school books and learning materials, they even poisoned the well (quiet literally) by releasing uncontrollable pathogens into the lake water.

Well anyway, now we're here.

Whatever will we do?

We'll keep living, like we always did I suppose.

Slowly feeding away at our resources until something comes down and rids us of our silly existence.

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