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You know, I find myself often curious about the world. I find myself wondering what topology is used to inform the state about car specifics so they can print a little tag for you. I find myself curious how to poll cell towers for gps locations of people at another tower. I find myself curious about the atm protocol and how atms (machines/systems) work. I find myself picking apart nfc devices to find what their data is and wanting to write these to something else. If these activities seem criminal to you, then I guess I am a criminal. Oh, you want me to get licensed to be able to do these things with a magnifying glass waiting for me to fuck up? Why allow myself to be beaten out of existence?

At a young age, I found myself interested in taking things apart and studying them. As a kid it seems like innocent curiosity and no one cares when a kid makes a new method for absorption and storage of ambient/static energy. Well, some people cared, but only because people pushed it under their face. If an adult did such experiments they would be jailed. This is the sad reality of the world we live in. The modern era.

As a young child I read the words of people like mentor and all the blackgate archives. I wasn’t quite versed enough in modem commands for my family's win3.11 to be able to connect before it was shut down. I didn’t have access to the technology or the books or the resources to do it myself. I needed to hunt and i would always wind up short.

Modern ages, I spend more time on telnet bbs than on facebook, several implementations have dumped ssl over telnet for a sense of privacy and that’s a pretty sexy setup. Some use ssh and jail tf out of it. Others use php,js,etc... for web forums and bulletin boards. I don’t have nearly the same trouble finding information now as I once did, my issues now are how to search for it and banging my head on the desk to reword my query until it works.

Modern ages, I am treated as blackballed from multiple groups not for political affiliation but because my desire to learn is not bound by local laws. Everyone wants to boast about whites hats vs black hats but they dont realize that to be a blackhat means to be blackballed from their petty groups. Their thugs are law abiding enough to stay paid while ours just look to survive. Grey hat was invented so it made the distinction that everyone assumed true in that blackhat meant definitively criminal and grey hat was a white hat willing to bend the rules. Make no mistake, if you aren’t a thug for the white hats, you are cast aside. Your information pool is sparse. Innovate or die.

Modern ages, I find myself thinking differently than other people in my field. I'd rather have the information than the credentials, I'd rather have the data than the money or the fancy blog. But here we are. I am clearly weaponized with a blog, as you read this. To take someone out of the blackballed masses and give them a job, there is a certain level of problems you must understand.

I am loyal to those who hired me, as they pay for my family.

I am unwavering on the idea that money may be nice but the work is better. Sorry for all you who say never work for free, sometimes people enjoy their work.

Employers of mine are informed that I am not some pre-scripted bot and that my methods functionally evolve with every investigation into anything. Like every human. This is the power that we hold. Not some heavily regulated unarticulated nonsense script for the braindead to follow.

Oh, your infosec groups need more people? You can't keep up with attacks? Ever once think that is because your kind blackballed us for so long we simply don’t care?

For the future of mankind, we will continue to provide free information until all information is up the the person who chooses to parse or absorb it.

For the future of the internet: $25/sdr, $40/pi3, $20(ish)/sd card. The future of the internet is distributed control back to operators and away from isps. If you don't want to be left behind, go earn $100 and get these supplies and some booze.

The future of cryptonets/darknets: we will prevail.

That is all.

- Ferasdour

Now lets dump some images, why not? I mean, the internet is not a big truck right? It's not something you just dump stuff on. It's a series of tubes.

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