Jan 3rd

to my dearest friend

My dearest friend is not soneone to be taken lightly. She treats animals above humans and she gives 10000% when only 5% is needed. She keeps her closest friends at a distance, cant let anyone in. Shes got many friends to accommodate the distance in her friendships, but her closest friends are kept around 20% of being in her life and her regular friends are kept around 2%. That level of distance is strangers to other people, but to her its life. She's a one women mafia, and if she wanted a task to be done there isnt a government or entitiy in the world that will stand in her way.

My dearest friend is someone i will never stop caring for, even when she's long past stopped caring for herself. She doesn't care about herself as much as those around her do, but she feels she only has herself. 

My dearest friend is someone who deserves a better life, but cant escape herself to find it. Without regret, without remorse, she doesnt want to escape. Which is the saddest part of all.


Tutorial: Home data drop

I found an interesting spot on my property where the previous people seem to basically have a ladder on the other side of the fence. The side from the small woods area behind my property. It made me think of how this could be used for secret message sharing. Therefor, lets do a how-to guide to old school anonymous data drops.

First off, this is our working environment:

Other side (wooded side):
The storage area (if something falls, magnets can pull them up):

For actually doing the work, ive put an hook made of a screw with a magnet inside:

Next we come behind that with clamping the rod we're using and attaching our usb to it. Hole was drilled with small drill bit, just big enough for my smallest zipties.

The zip tie on the rod we want to sexure properly while the usb end we want to reverse and allow it to slip off with force.
Example images of how it fits together:
Now we hide our paper secret. Thats right, a paper secret will be used to decrypt whats on the drive.
We want to roll it so that it fits in the rod and holding the tip of it and twisting the rod pushes it further inside:
Secure the paper around the hook, again screw in my case, and the rod fits in line with it:
Add the magnet to hold it all together;
Insert into drop storage:

The resulting view:

Now i also wanted to share how this is taken out. You take it and place it on the post:
Remove usb:

Remove rod:
Read key:

There you have it, perminant data sharing for lucrative business.

Stays safe.
- Ferasdour


idk what kind of food you'd call this, but it fits together better than expected.

reheated some pasta in some pickled japaleno juice and some chilli powder, added a bell pepper, some cinnamon apples, lemons, and bananas.


Intel gathering